The’British Society for Japanese Philately’ covers member’s interests in the philately of JAPAN, the RYUKYU ISLANDS, the JAPANESE COLONIES, and the JAPANESE OCCUPIED TERITORIES, which covers such areas as Korea (1894-45), China, Manchoukuo, Taiwan (1895-1945); the Kwantung leased territories, Sakhalin Island, Kurile Islands, Southern Manchuria Railway Zone, Mandate Territories of the Pacific, and WWII during the Japanese occupation of all of these territories. The subject topics include; Stamps, Postal History, Postal Stationery, Cancellations, etc., and is open for membership for those just starting to collect the stamps of Japan to more advanced collectors.

The British Society for Japanese Philately seeks to further the study and enjoyment of Japanese philately in the U.K. and contact between all its members. The BSJP award-winning journal ‘Kiku Shimbun’ is published, with colour illustrations, 3 times a year and is the main link between the scattered membership. The Editor welcomes articles, letters, comment and queries from all sources. The journal has a new issue section showing all of the newly issued National and Furusato/Regional stamps of Japan in colour, plus many different articles on a wide range of subjects relating to the philately of Japan.

The U.K. Members of the BSJP may buy and sell items through the club sales packet. The Packet Secretary is always in need of material, which, though of good condition, need not be highly valued as all levels of collector are catered for. We now have a new Packet Secretary and books are being circulated amongst the interested members, to learn more about the Packet in the first instance please contact the Society Secretary.

A list of members’ collecting interests is published annually to enable members to meet locally or correspond. Full addresses are however only published if the member gives permission. The Secretary will forward initial correspondence as necessary.

The BSJP meets on a regular basis in London at 7.00pm for 7.30pm until about 9.30pm. Meetings are also held around major philatelic shows in various parts of the country. The programme of events is published in the journal ‘Kiku Shimbun’.

APPLICATION for BSJP MEMBERSHIP should be made on the form located on the ‘Join-Us’ page.

Further details from: The BSJP Secretary / Treasurer – Alan Cowie,

38 Pear Tree Lane, Hempstead, GILLINGHAM, Kent ME7 3PS, England, U.K.

e-mail: alancowie@talk21.com


BSJP Editor of KIKU SHIMBUN; Ken Clark,
18 Hillyfield, Billingshurst, West Sussex RH14 9ZS, England.

FOR THE CATALOGUES & ALBUMS OF JAPAN visit   http://www.japanphilatelic.com

For JAPANESE TRANSLATION contact npertwee@hotmail.com